Dr  Kiran Dintyala

Author, Speaker, and Stress Management Expert. 

Thanks for visiting my website and taking time to learn about me. You may wonder who am I and why am I involved in this stress management work. I hope my story below answers your questions and inspires you to join me in creating a stress-free world.


Born and raised in an Indian middle-class household, he is a witness to the constant ups and downs of life and how hard his parents had to work to make ends meet month after month, year after year.

The feelings of compassion found their way to his young heart, when he was barely 9 years old during his encounter with a beggar asking for alms. With only a few pennies in his pocket, he had to decide whether to help the beggar or buy a candy for himself. His decision to help the beggar gave him a greater sense of fulfillment than buying things for himself. That was an important experience, as he recalls, that guided his outlook towards life to be compassionate and helpful towards fellow human beings. This, combined with the passion for becoming a doctor, fueled by his mother from a young age, encouraged him to work hard towards his dreams. However, his dreams didn’t come true so easily. The path was laden with many obstacles and challenges.

Although many discouraged him, he trudged on the path of medicine, graduating from Andhra Medical College, a prestigious institution in India, after which he decided to pursue higher studies in the United States of America, entering West Virginia University to earn a Master’s Degree in Public Health while preparing for medical exams, hoping to become a doctor in the United States.

This was a time of constant struggle and many hardships, ranging from deep financial troubles, unexpected death of loved ones, career crises, health and relationship problems and much more.

With so much to accomplish in so much chaos, Dr. Kiran couldn’t see a way out of the problems. Anxious and fearful, enveloped by negative thoughts, he was in total despair. This ensued for many weeks, pushing him to the edges of failure. Feeling desperate, he searched restlessly for solutions everywhere.

During that time of search, he accidentally stumbled upon powerful principles and techniques that helped him find ‘Calm in the Midst of Chaos’. That new found calmness has changed his life forever.

What happened next was something that no one expected. Over the next 3 months a series of miracles took him from one place to another, one opportunity to another, finally delivering him the VICTORY IN LIFE that’s well deserved and he worked hard for.

His problems dissolved. All the anxieties and worries vanished. He was ecstatic. His friends and family were happy but no one could believe he made it. Under normal circumstances this achievement is not possible until at least another 1-2 years and that too with a lot of time, energy, and money to be spent, which he didn’t have at that time. So, he came out victorious in a do or die situation. The impossible became possible. Many good things followed after this victory.

With that newfound power of calmness, he set himself off on to a new path – to delve deep into the science and art of calmness and further explore the possibilities.

 In his own words, “I dedicated many long hours for a number of years to learn, experiment, and research to make sure that what I experienced is not a sporadic experience, but the results are reproducible at will. As if to answer that question, the Universe gave me enough troubles in a quick succession at regular intervals as if to toughen me up, accelerate the process of growth, and deepen my ability to remain CALM IN THE MIDST OF CHAOS. It is as if I am being prepared to serve a greater mission: that is to help his fellow human beings to FIND CALM in their lives. To help them FIGHT STRESS and WIN THE BATTLE OF LIFE.

 He remarks, “These PRINCIPLES and TECHNIQUES work with mathematical accuracy whether it is my life or my clients’ lives! It’s really fascinating to see this phenomenon happening again and again. Even more importantly, it’s very rewarding to my soul to see the positive results in others’ lives – the primary reason why I chose to become a doctor.”

 He has compiled all that he learnt in his books and videos. Over a decade, he has refined these teachings to the highest level and made them as simple as possible for people to follow them and get fast results, instead of reinventing the wheel by themselves, hoping it would bring CALM and HAPPINESS to their lives.

 In leisure he loves to watch movies, listen to music, and read books. He enjoys singing and spending time in the nature. His favorite sports are Cricket, Volley Ball, and Tennis.

He very much looks forward to guide and mentor you, if you are ready to start your journey towards stress freedom!


“Whatever you believe deeply in your heart is going to determine your destiny. As you BELIEVE, you ACT, and as you act, you reap the RESULTS.”

– Dr Kiran dintyala


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