COVID MYTHS You Must Never Believe

COVID MYTHS You Must Never Believe


a.The moment you wake up in the morning until you sleep at night, you’re constantly hearing terrible news on TV channels and magazines about deaths happening because of coronavirus.
b.While it is true that people are dying because of Corona Virus, it doesn’t mean that every single person who gets COVID is going to die.

i. In fact, a vast majority of people, 80-85% people only get mild disease and recover without any treatment.

ii. Another 10 to 15% get moderate disease and never have to be admitted to the hospital and they also recover with simple treatment with steroids.

iii. Less than 5% people need to get admitted in the hospital and most of these people recover also.

iv. Yes, probably there is 1- 2% people who get critically ill and may die. But if you look at it, a vast majority of people almost 98% recover from COVID. So, do not get paralyzed with fear when you are tested positive for COVID.

v. Take common sense precautions and take advice from a good doctor.


a. Even though initially everyone got excited about Remdesivir the truth is, it doesn’t make much impact in saving lives, as per latest research. If at all, it may be a little helpful in the first few days when you get COVID infection by reducing the viral replication but otherwise it is not a LIVE SAVING drug.

b. So, don’t sell your home or spend a fortune to buy Remdesivir in black market. Keep that money and use it for something else that’s useful.

c. The only medication that is shown to improve mortality is steroids.



a. Convalescent plasma got so much hype initially but it is proven not to be that helpful. Again, this is not a lifesaving treatment.

b. The idea behind convalescent plasma transfusion is that a person who recovered from COVID infection may contain antibodies in his plasma that could fight coronavirus. Theoretically it makes sense and that is the reason people started using this treatment but the results are disappointing.

c. So, do not waste your time, energy, and money to buy plasma. Next time if you really want to donate blood or plasma that is fine but that is not necessarily going to save any lives from COVID. Research doesn’t back use of convalescent treatment.


a. Doxycycline, Ivermectin, Azithromycin, and Hydroxychloroquine – None of these medications are research proven and are not to be used for COVID treatment.

b. Especially don’t use all these medications at once because that increases the risk of having side effects.

c. Each of these medications when used alone have low risk for getting side-effects though.

d. If you were prescribed one of these medications by your doctor and if you want to finish the course, that is okay. It shouldn’t cause you much harm.


a. If you have any doubt about COVID vaccine, it is time that you leave all your doubts behind and take the vaccine. There is enough research done about COVID vaccines and we know for sure that the side effect profile is low and it is rare to have any kind of adverse reaction.

b. The vaccine protects you from COVID. After 14 days from the first dose of the vaccine (Covaxin and Covishield) you typically get around 70% of protection. And after 14 days from the second dose of the vaccine you get 80 to 90% of protection.


It seems, there is lot of discussion out there that steam inhalation could make the virus go into your lung and cause more infection and damage. That’s a myth. There is no evidence that steam inhalation is dangerous or causes COVID. If you feel like using steam inhalation, feel free to do so.

While buttermilk and yogurt are good for your health and may boost your immunity, there is no evidence that they can cure COVID. The same is true for many of the supplements that are being recommended like vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc etc. None of these supplements can cure COVID. They could only help boost your immunity to some extent. But, the most important thing is to keep your stress levels low and sleep well at night; and there is no greater booster of immunity than that.
Care for elderly now even more!

Care for elderly now even more!

I know it has been difficult for everyone but for the elderly it’s even more difficult because of the higher risk of getting severely ill. Even more troubling issue is the loneliness feeling because of self-isolation and the normal social activities are totally cut down. If there is no access to internet or phone, that could pose extra risk for getting socially isolated and getting depressed. On top of it, the financial impact could also be very significant especially if their savings are invested in the stock market.

During these challenging times, I sincerely feel that we being their friends and family should come forward to aid them mentally and financially. The key is to use our resources judiciously. Take from others only to have your basic needs met. If your basic needs are met, then be patient until the pandemic passes.

On this International Day of Elderly, I hereby request all my beloved elderly to believe that;

  1. Please do not imagine the worst possible future. Future is just a figment of your imagination. It’s not here yet. Many times, the worst possible future we imagine never comes to pass. Then why add extra stress to our lives?
  2. Stay present. Take one day at a time. Take one moment at a time. Remember, we don’t take any money when we leave this world. Don’t give yourself a heart attack worrying about money. Focus on your health and mental well-being.
  3. The stock market will recover, and you will recuperate your losses. The economy will bounce back and you will find money again in your pockets.
  4. Of course, money is necessary to meet our needs, including medications if we are ill. Just stay put. You will make money again.

A note to remember: Rich are those who never lose hope and who remain resourceful even during trying circumstances. A man with a scarcity mentality remains poor even when he is surrounded with riches