Care for elderly now even more!

Care for elderly now even more!

I know it has been difficult for everyone but for the elderly it’s even more difficult because of the higher risk of getting severely ill. Even more troubling issue is the loneliness feeling because of self-isolation and the normal social activities are totally cut down. If there is no access to internet or phone, that could pose extra risk for getting socially isolated and getting depressed. On top of it, the financial impact could also be very significant especially if their savings are invested in the stock market.

During these challenging times, I sincerely feel that we being their friends and family should come forward to aid them mentally and financially. The key is to use our resources judiciously. Take from others only to have your basic needs met. If your basic needs are met, then be patient until the pandemic passes.

On this International Day of Elderly, I hereby request all my beloved elderly to believe that;

  1. Please do not imagine the worst possible future. Future is just a figment of your imagination. It’s not here yet. Many times, the worst possible future we imagine never comes to pass. Then why add extra stress to our lives?
  2. Stay present. Take one day at a time. Take one moment at a time. Remember, we don’t take any money when we leave this world. Don’t give yourself a heart attack worrying about money. Focus on your health and mental well-being.
  3. The stock market will recover, and you will recuperate your losses. The economy will bounce back and you will find money again in your pockets.
  4. Of course, money is necessary to meet our needs, including medications if we are ill. Just stay put. You will make money again.

A note to remember: Rich are those who never lose hope and who remain resourceful even during trying circumstances. A man with a scarcity mentality remains poor even when he is surrounded with riches