Experience the Power of Group Learning With Dr. Calm

“A Wise Man Not Only Learns From His Experiences But From Others’ Experiences.”

Many people fail because they try to do it all by themselves. When they Team Up with like-minded individuals, suddenly they start seeing amazing results. Group learning is powerful. Tap into its power Now!  Take help when you need it. Do not hesitate. The price of procrastination is more than the price of this program!

Kick-Start the program with a ‘Deep Dive’ 1-hour Consult with Dr. Calm to specifically discuss your personal situation and how to best use this program. You will be given guidance on how to use this program to best suit your needs.

Then you will be given access to the ‘Stress Mastery Classroom’ where you will meet your fellow group members. You will participate in the weekly group coaching call (typically lasts 1-1.5 hour). Each week you will be given instructions on the modules and learning materials to complete that week.

You will be given username and password to access learning materials. Each module will unlock as you move forward in the timeline. You will have access to these learning materials all your life, so that you can revisit them anytime you need to.

In the middle of the program, around 4 weeks, you get ‘Evaluate Your Progress’ 1-hour Consult with Dr. Calm to check-in with you how things are going. This also gives an opportunity to ask any specific questions and mention any personal problems to be resolved so that Dr. Calm can help you.

At the end of the program, before you wrap up, you get one last ‘Future Guidance’ 1-hour Consult with Dr. Calm to wrap up the program and provide you with the next steps to swiftly move forward in your life towards the shores of happiness and success.

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