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Hypertension Treatment Clinic in San Diego, CA

Hypertension, often known as high or rising blood pressure, is a disorder that causes chronically elevated blood vessel pressure. The majority of people with hypertension have no symptoms. Headaches, vision impairment, chest pain, and other symptoms can occur with extremely high blood pressure. The most appropriate way to determine your high blood pressure is to monitor it. Dr. Kiran Dintyala, MD, MPH, offers treatment for hypertension. For more information, contact us or request an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 888 Prospect Street, Suite 225, San Diego, CA 92037.

Hypertension Treatment Clinic Near Me in San Diego, CA
Hypertension Treatment Clinic Near Me in San Diego, CA

Table of Contents:

What are 3 ways to treat hypertension?
How do you lower hypertension immediately?
What is the most common treatment for hypertension?

Blood pumps through our veins and arteries nonstop, providing oxygenated blood to the limbs, organs, and tissues. When the heart beats, it exerts pressure on the arterial walls, known as systolic pressure. When the heart relaxes, the pressure on the arterial walls is known as diastolic. There are several medical conditions and lifestyle factors that can lead to high blood pressure, which, although usually symptomless, can be very dangerous.

What are 3 ways to treat hypertension?

Hypertension is one of the most common conditions in the world and fortunately, doctors have a good understanding of how to treat it. A doctor may prescribe:
• Diet and Lifestyle Changes
• Medications

Getting enough rest is also an essential way to reduce blood pressure and has many positive effects on the body, such as reducing stress, minimizing food cravings, and reducing the chance of misusing drugs or alcohol.

How do you lower hypertension immediately?

Hypertension is a treatable condition that responds well to several forms of treatment. One of the best ways to lower high blood pressure right away is through appropriate lifestyle modifications. These include:
Weight Loss — Weight loss is the most effective way of reducing blood pressure, as being overweight or obese can increase the risk of high blood pressure.
Daily Exercises — Daily exercise is an excellent way to burn fat, lose weight, and reduce high blood pressure. Exercising for 30 minutes every day can reduce blood pressure by approximately 5-8 mmHg.

Reduce Sodium Intake — While the recommended daily intake of sodium is 2,300 mg (with an optimal limit of less than 1,500 mg for those with high blood pressure), most Americans consume about 3,400 mg of sodium a day.
Eat Healthy — Avoiding foods that contain high sodium, saturated fats, and cholesterol can help stop or prevent hypertension.
Increase Potassium Intake — Because it regulates the heart rate and nullifies the effect of sodium in the body, adding more potassium to the diet can help reduce blood pressure. Potassium-rich foods include:
• Fruits such as bananas, melons, avocados, and apricots
• Green leafy vegetables, including spinach and kale
• Vegetables such as potatoes and sweet potatoes
• Tuna and salmon
• Beans
• Nuts and seeds
Abstain from Heavy Alcohol Drinking — Alcohol in moderation does not do much harm to the body, but excessive drinking, including binge drinking, can negatively impact health and increase blood pressure.
Quit Smoking — Cigarette smoking can increase blood pressure, among other health concerns. Cutting down on smoking helps the blood pressure return to normal and also regulates other bodily functions advantageous to one’s well-being.
Avoid Excess Stress — Stress hormones or cortisol constrict the blood vessels and can lead to temporary spikes in blood pressure; it can also result in overeating, poor sleep, and misusing drugs and alcohol.
Regular Monitoring of Blood Pressure at Home — Monitoring blood pressure at home avoids unnecessary stress that may occur in a clinic setting. It allows people to stay on top of their health.

What is the most common treatment for hypertension?

The most common treatments for hypertension are medications and lifestyle changes. Medications include:
• Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors
• Angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBs)
• Diuretics
• Beta-blockers
• Calcium channel blockers
• Alpha-blockers
• Alpha-agonists
• Renin-inhibitors
• Combination medications
Lifestyle changes include:
• Losing weight
• Quitting smoking
• Eating healthy foods
• Reducing sodium intake
• Getting regular aerobic exercise
• Maintaining a healthy weight
• Limiting alcohol consumption
• Reducing stress
If you have hypertension, come to Dintyala Medical for proper treatment today. Our medical professionals are experienced in treating hypertension and can help you lower your blood pressure through lifestyle changes and appropriate medications. For more information, contact us or request an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 888 Prospect Street San Diego, CA 92037. We serve patients from La Jolla CA, Delmar CA, Solana Beach CA, Carmel Valley CA, Encinitas CA, La Mesa CA, and surrounding areas.