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Private Client Program

Private Client Program in San Diego, CA

The private client program is intended especially for highly overwhelmed or overworked professionals who want to enhance their physical and emotional well-being and are prepared to commit time, money, and energy to the process. We are conveniently located at 888 Prospect Street, Suite 225, San Diego, CA 92037. For more information, please contact us or book an appointment online. We serve patients from La Jolla CA, Delmar CA, Solana Beach CA, Carmel Valley CA, Encinitas CA, La Mesa CA, and surrounding areas.

Private Client Program Near Me in San Diego, CA
Private Client Program Near Me in San Diego, CA


1. Live Longer & Live Younger is a premium private client program designed for those looking for success without compromising work-life balance, and to find deep connection with their inner-self and Higher Power.

2. It is suitable for busy professionals, CEOs, doctors, lawyers, accountants, celebrities, and anyone looking to improve their work-life balance, relationships and find deeper inner-peace.

3. It is specifically tailored to those deeply distressed or busy professionals looking to improve their physical and mental health, and who are willing to devote their time and energy/financial investment towards doing so.

4. Program structured over 3-6 months includes 20 consultations (1 hour or 1.5 hours in person or by Zoom):

• Four sessions at the beginning – one-day private session in the middle (8 hours or 2 half-days of 4 hours each) – during which powerful life changing lessons will be practiced,

• 4 follow-up sessions afterwards – 4 more sessions anytime during year.

• All of this can be done either in person or via Zoom call. Email support with questions answered promptly.

5. Benefits of the program include 15 years of experience, vast knowledge & proven skills, direct contact with Dr. Dintyala as physician/mentor/compassionate human being, confidentiality, fulfillment of promises, open & honest advice; access to Stress Mastery Course and 8 modules with educational material.

6. The program also provides access to Stress Mastery Course (8 modules) with cutting edge educational material in form of short videos.

7. Not a cheap program; not for those unwilling to invest time/energy/effort; not a band aid or quick fix; focused on achieving fastest results possible but also making lasting impact via inside-out change.

8. There is a financial commitment involved; the guarantee offered is refund minus cost of consultations already made ($450/hour) after the first 3 consultations.